More than one tech-smart colleague has expressed surprise when I admit I’ve been using Internet Explorer as my default web browser.

Why hadn’t I switched to Mozilla Firefox? Much better, more secure, they said.

Well, I had switched, partly. Foot in both camps really.

Then along came Flock, which in my non-technical way I understand is a kind of Firefox on steroids. And I’m finding Flock quite interesting to use, although I’m not so convinced it works as well as it might in the blog editing/posting department.

What’s prompted this rumination is the news that Firefox is taking market share from Internet Explorer.

In its latest study on Web browser usage, Netherlands-based said Sunday thatFirefox gained 1.14% in June and is now used by 12.93% of surfers.That’s up from 11.79% who used Firefox in May, while IE use declined by2.12% to 83.05%.

US figures for Internet Explorer as preferred browser are still high at 79.8%, with similar figures for Canada and the UK. The takeup for Firefox is faster in some countries, for example, Australia and Germany.

But in Australia, Firefox is much more popular and is used by 24.23% ofWeb surfers. Microsoft’s IE is used by 69.35% of Australian surfers,according to the study. In Germany, Firefox is even more popular:39.02% of surfers there use it, compared with 55.99% who use IE.

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