I’ve just signed up for a program that will take up any spare time I have over the next month. It’s the 30 Day Challenge for people keen to learn about the system known as ‘underachievers online niche markeing’.

Frank Kern and Ed Dale, a couple of guys who have been very successful financially in the niche marketing space, are providing resources, at no charge to participants, to learn from them how to make – not necessarily a fortune – but a good income from online marketing. And the goal for the 30 Days? To make one dollar. You’re allowed to make more but the emphasis is on learning the process. It’s teaching us to fish, not just providing us with a fish or two.

The language on the welcome page to the website – as in the following paragraphs – may sound a bit hypey, but from some serious investigation I’ve done, last year and more recently, these guys are in fact genuine – and generous in sharing information. They deliver. And there are people who have done well – and some very well – out of doing this process last year. Besides which, there is an amazing gathering of people going on, from across the globe, to participate and share with one another.

I know of nothing else like this and I’ve been around the web for a while now.

The 30 Day Challenge is one of the most unique marketing experiences on the entire internet. Here you will have the opportunity to join a tightly bound community that will encourage and assist you in creating a niche product that you can sell to insanely passionate people.

You will learn to identify a hot market, and sell them exactly what they want. Follow along with Ed Dale and Frank Kern as they teach you the ropes of finding, creating, and selling niche products online.

Even if you don’t have a single day of internet marketing experience, we urge everyone to join along. Our fantastic members will welcome and work with all people, from all backgrounds. Whether you are a computer newbie, or a seasoned marketing veteran, the 30 Day Challenge is an opportunity for us all to work in harmony to help each participant make their first sale during the month of July.

There are some costs involved for participants, but no more than if people were to launch out into online marketing without this kind of support – costs for things like Google Adwords and maybe some software or other tools, which as I say would be a cost anyway. But Frank and Ed don’t get a fee for their time. 

And I get no commission from this either. I just felt it was worth sharing for any home based business person – or anyone else for that matter – who would like to hang out with some interesting people for a month and learn from a couple of maestros – as well as from other maestros in the group.

The 30 Day Challenge actually started on July 1, but all the information is on the site and you can catch up easily.

Here’s the link: http://www.underachieverlife.com/portal/

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