In the blogging platform stakes, I remain a fan of Blogware via BlogHarbor, hosting service for this blog.

At the same time, there’s no doubt in my mind that WordPress from is also an excellent platform for a blogger with the appropriate level of technical knowledge, or willing to spend the time to acquire it. I regularly hear people say WordPress is ‘easy’ to install and operate and my main comment there is that ‘easy’ is a relative term. Fact is, a lot of businesspeople have neither the time nor the inclination to learn what is needed, especially if they can have a fully hosted, commercially supported service like BlogHarbor instead, and for a very modest price.

 Some time ago, partly to satisfy myself about the claims of ‘easiness’ of installation and operation, I set up a WordPress blog at my site. Verdict? Manageable, but not ‘easy’ for me. And there are some challenges in site management that I simply don’t have with BlogHarbor.

I’ve noticed also that more than one WordPress site shows the peculiarity of having a sidebar somewhere down below the posts, so if you don’t scroll down the blog looks as it it has only posts, not other information such as whose blog it is, links to other posts and so on. I don’t believe that sort of behaviour is good enough in terms of my recommending products to business owners.

But WordPress has many supporters and I know that people I know will want to try it. So I was pleased to find today, via BurstBlog, a link to a very clear, step by step introduction to setting up a WordPress site – see Get Your Feet Wet With WordPress. One reason I was pleased is that author Tim Ziegler is clear about the need for some prior knowledge and states that the tutorial

…assumes that you know how to use FTP, you’re familiar with HTML and CSS, and looking at a little PHP code won’t scare you away.

Well, that would scare away some people I know, but for those willing to press on, what follows is excellent.

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