Leah McLean has a goal. She wants 1,000 small business women around the world to respond to her survey on Women and Technology.

Leah McLean has lots of talents. As well as being a leader in the coaching world, Leah is one of those people who not only understands technology but can explain it to the rest of us. Her always eminently readable Working Solo blog is dedicated to providing information to women who ‘don’t want to let a lack of technology understanding stunt the growth of their business’.

Last week, Leah launched the first of what is to be an annual survey of ‘the uses and challenges women have with technology in their business’.

And there are some excellent prizes which will enable the winners to tap into Leah’s knowledge and coaching skills.

The survey is open till May 15, with prizes to be drawn May 19. From a quick look, I would say the survey could be completed unhurriedly in five to seven minutes at most. The survey, with details of the prizes, is at the Working Solo website.


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