If as they say ‘success leaves clues’, I have a hunch lots of people in the recruiting and staffing industries will be making sure they are plugged in to my colleague Bill Vick’s new XtremeRecruiting podcasting blog site. Whether they choose to visit regularly, or collect the RSS link, they will surely not want to miss any of the gems Bill is extracting from a bunch of highly successful people in the industry – the big billers.

How, for instance, could a recruiter not want to listen to a podcast interview with recruiter Gene Rice that is listed as follows:

Gene Rice is an industry legend. Billing over $3.2MM prior to selling his business, he billed $1.2MM last year working 25 hours a week. Listen to how he does it.

Working 25 hours a week – $1.22m! I’m not even in the industry, but I’m keen to know, and just after I’ve finished this post I will be plugging in to listen.

And there are others whose names I see there and just know will be sharing great value, not just about the recruiting industry, but also about general business smarts – people like Shally Steckerl, Jim Stroud and David Perry. How do I know they will be good? Because I have listened to them previously, when Bill interviewed them about LinkedIn, for the LinkedIn for Recruiting book which Bill and I co-authored.

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