One of the practical realities, and hidden traps, for someone moving from a salaried position into being a home based, self- managing professional is that suddenly there can be a whole lot of new money matters to take care of – especially about investment – and, unless you are a finance professional, probably a lot of terminology you haven’t previously felt you had to understand. That was what the accountants in the corner office were for, right?

And let’s face it, we males especially are not real good at asking someone to explain money terms. That would be like asking someone could they change a tyre for us, or give us some directions as to where we’re going!

The Personal Money Tips blog helps solve that problem. It has explanations of compound interest and the ‘rule of 72’ and other important or simply useful financial terms. It also recommends that if you are going to get into investing, it’s a smart idea to understand basic financial terms. Couldn’t agree more.

But I can’t see anywhere on this blog that you can get some quiet guidance on changing tyres or map reading.:)

This is another in the LinkedIn Bloggers weekly Blog Boost.

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