Not totally a surprise but a very agreeable start to the day was the delivery this morning of a box containing copies of the book Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting, which I co-authored with Bill Vick. It was good to have the printed version of a book I had lived with, from idea to completed electronic form, for a few months of my life.

On The Virtual Handshake, Scott Allen has written a neat summary of what the book is about and mentioned the great bonuses that come with the purchase. The book is also available at a lower price in PDF format, and anyone who buys the printed version gets access also to the PDF version. Actually, the bonuses ($500 worth) that come with the book are impressive enough in their own right that I can easily imagine some recruiters buying the book just to get the bonuses. Even so, and although I say so myself, the book is a unique* resource for anyone in the recruiting, staffing, human resources, personnel field who wants to get the best out of the great services LinkedIn has to offer.

Scott, consummate online networker and expert on social networking, mentions in his post that he has recently taken up the role of Executive Editor for a further series of books about LinkedIn.

* Linkedin for Recruiting is unique – as a former English teacher I don’t use the word lightly. A lot of the basic information about how LinkedIn works can be found elsewhere, but not the real-life stories from the trenches, the content of the many interviews Bill conducted with a range of successful people from the recruiting industry who know how to use LinkedIn to source candidates, build business and find fellow professionals to do business with (actually, I’m still intrigued about how some of them gave away so much information – Bill’s charm as an interviewer no doubt ).

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