One of the many interesting people I met a couple of weeks ago when I did a presentation on blogging for the Australian Marketing Institute was Jodie Miner, who works in the construction industry.

Jodie has a very helpful blog post on practical use of Microsoft Word and Excel and how to use them usefully in tandem. It was neat to see some clues I had picked up by trial and error over a number of years and some new tips on things to do and things to avoid.

For example, if you are submitting a quotation and need to use Word for its better header and footer options but need to include some Excel-worked costings or estimates, here’s Jodie’s tamper-proof procedure:

Paste Special as a Picture – This is my favourite way – you can’t edit anything in the word document so you know that it is never corrupted, and the formatting is exactly as it was in Excel. To change it you need to go back to the Excel Spreadsheet, re-copy and then re-paste it as a picture in Word. 

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