This is my post for this week’s Linkedin Bloggers Boost.

On his Web Strategy by Jeremiah blog, Jeremiah Owyang has a valuable post on How to be a Corporate Blog Evangelist .

I liked the first two steps:

1. Read blogs

2. Start blogging

Obvious perhaps, but to be ignored at the budding evangelist’s peril.


4. Don’t accept blogging advice from people who are not bloggers.

I have heard people who are not bloggers but have perhaps read a few blogs reveal unwittingly their profound ignorance of the subject by choosing to speak authoritatively to others who asked innocently ‘what’s a blog?’ It’s not easy to undo the damage and I feel sorry for business owners for whom a blog could have been very useful but have been turned off by someone who basically didn’t know what they were talking about.

Having previously thought of blogging evangelists as being a bit like wandering bards – or prophets  – rather than people in a corporate structure, I had to adjust my thinking to pick up properly on what Jeremiah is saying in his post. Because it seemed to me to be pitched to someone employed in a company, who is suddenly tasked (as a former navy officer friend of mine used to say) to be the in-house corporate blogging evangelist. Or perhaps someone in a company, who finds out about blogs and sees this as something that should be promoted – a self-selected, but as yet not educated evangelist, as it were.

One of Jeremiah’s points (6) is Find a champion if your voice is not loud. I’d at least find a powerful ally and in fact I would want to amplify that or even have another point in the list, something like: If you don’t have clear authority and backing at CEO level, get it as fast as you can – and make sure there is something in writing and witnesses. Not to be pessimistic mind – just taking sensible precautions. On a more positive note, I would want to explore the possibilities of the CEO being involved quite directly and contributively.

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