Damien Mulley’s rather tart comment on the challenge of posting a comment here and some comments on his post prompted me to look again at my policy about comment permissions and the settings I had in place.

While I certainly don’t want to close off comments as some bloggers have done, I’m also certain I don’t want to leave comments open enough to get comment spam, as I did last time I opened the system to allow anonymous comments.

The hosting service I use, BlogHarbor, had actually provided more options some time ago and I had made a couple of adjustments.

Today I had another look at the options and changed the settings. People can now leave anonymous comments – although I personally like to visit the blogs of people who take the trouble to comment, so I do hope people will leave their url details. They will still have to enter some letters in a ‘CAPTCHA’ type box, which is designed to sort out the humans from the spam bots. For the first time, I have ticked the setting for comments to be moderated, but the waiting time should not usually be more than some hours at most (and even then, the wait will mostly be for comments from different time zones)

One of the best things about what has happened today is that, although until now I had not known of Damien’s blog, because this blog is set to pick up trackbacks from other sites I was alerted to his post and able to visit it, comment and then get on with solving the problem. This is where the blogosphere leaves traditional website+email based online communication for dead in the communication and business responsiveness stakes. When Damien and the others who commented wake up a few hours from now, they will be able to come and leave a comment without having to ‘fill out a form in triplicate’. I hope they do

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