Online marketing guy Fred Schebesta has just come up with a way for a business to hire some industrial strength creativity, so as to help create something stunning online and in the process do something special for the community.

I first met Fred about two and a half years ago and bumped into him again a couple of weeks ago at an Australian Marketing Institute event in Sydney.

As well as being a very smart young man, Fred is a very savvy web guy and founder of Freestyle Media.

Why I’m posting about Fred and Freestyle Media is that Fred has just found out that his girlfriend Amanda has cervical cancer. So one of the things Fred is doing is auctioning his company’s total services for 24 hours and donating the proceeds to a totally repuatable body – as every Australian knows – the Cancer Council in his state, New South Wales.

What would succeeding with the auction mean for a business? Here’s what is being offered on eBay:

Basically, our entire team (we have 15 full-time staff) will work with whoever wins the auction for a full 24-hour period, to produce anything to do with online.  We plan to work in shifts to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

We plan to go from midday on day 1, with a client briefing session, to midday on day 2 with a finished product.

What are we offering?  Any one of the following:

  1. An entire Web site from beginning to end

  2. A banner campaign

  3. Emarketing plan

  4. Acquisition campaign suggestions and brainstorm

  5. Complete review of a company’s online presence, with a Web audit that starts at midday and finishes at midday the next day with a 10 page report.

  6. New ideas for product online

  7. Build eCommerce engine for a site

  8. Email newsletter

  9. Blog

  10. A basic CRM so that you can manage your contacts online

 The current eBay bid is AU$3,150 (US$2,245 today).

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