It’s LinkedIn Bloggers Boost time again – the project in which we members of the 440+ member LinkedIn Bloggers group focus once a week on one of the members’ blogs, post something about it and link to it.

This week the chosen blog is Writing Great Ezines & Blogs from Patsi Krakoff.

Patsi Krakoff, a coaching and blogging colleague of mine, and her colleague Denise Wakeman are the brains behind the Conversations with Experts series, which grew out of interviews they conducted for their excellent Build a Better Blog e-book (declaration – I’m one of the interviewees and yes, that’s an affiliate link: you can also reach the site and check out the book more directly at

Funny thing about trains of thought – they sometimes head off down a route different from the one you started out on. When I was reading Patsi’s blog today I was taken by a post of hers about the creative benefits that can come from being out of the office.

So I started on a bit of a riff of my own about the value of getting out of the office and heading for a coffee shop. That riff grew enough to warrant being a separate post Support Your Local Coffee Shop and Grow Your Business. And I got so involved in writing that, as to forget momentarily that it was Patsi’s post that had set me off on that path, or detour if you will. So as well as being a contribution to Patsi’s Blog Boost day, this is an acknowledgement of her part in my writing my previous post. Ah, the convoluted paths of the blogosphere – ain’t it fun though!

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