Catching up on my  LinkedIn Bloggers Boost schedule after posting yesterday about last week’s selected blog, Me, Myself & I, today I’m focusing on a blog that comes not from North America or Africa or Australia, but from one of the great crossroads of Europe and its civilisation, Belgium.

Given the history and demographic/political makeup of Belgium, it’s not really surprising (although for a monolinguist like me it is impressive) that under Languages, the bio of LinkedIn Blogger Philippe Borremans lists three – English, French and Dutch – and mentions a prior fluency in Spanish. So it seems reasonable that a man who can have conversations in at least three languages and probably one more at a stretch should have a blog about conversation, Conversationblog in fact.

A seasoned PR practitioner, Philippe set up the blog (tantalisingly subtitled ‘talk is cheap, free speech isn’t …’) with two aims in mind:

  • to provide a new approach to media training, taking full account of the new role and impact of technology
  • to help in training communications professionals to use weblogs and RSS technology in their daily work.

And the ‘conversations’ bit? Well, Philippe sees his profession – communications, PR, media relations – as being a ‘people thing’ and fundamentally about having conversations.

Conversationblog is one of those blogs whose articles and links I find can easily seduce me away for an hour or two from whatever else I was programmed or planning to do. For example, as I’m keen to know what is happening with business blogging in Europe, imagine what happened to my program when I saw the post titled Euroblog Conference Papers Available – the best in new media research (from the Euroblog Conference 2006) and then clicked through to a hyperlinked list of the presentations.

Just to give one example from that intriguing list, and having yesterday posted on an article on Business Blog Consulting about the new Desmoblog of Italian motorcycle company Ducati’s President and CEO Federico Minoli, I leapt immediately onto the slides from the presentation by Sarah Zielmann of the University of Muenster, Germany, ‘An archetype for European CEO-Blogs? Insights from Italy, Great Britain and Germany’.

For anyone interested in a European perspective on blogging and social networking generally, or in the application of new media to the field of communications, PR or marketing, this is a ‘must syndicate’ or at least a ‘must visit’ site. And to facilitate that process Philippe has provided an impressive array of RSS/XML type buttons on the site.

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