As mentioned in previous posts, the LinkedIn Bloggers group has established a regular Blogger Boost project, whereby a member’s blog is identified as the blog to focus on in a particular week, then a number of us visit the blog and post something about it, linking to it in the process.

Last week, in spite of good intentions, I dropped the ball and did not post on the blog selected for the boost. My excuse is I was travelling. Actually, that’s a feeble excuse because I was travelling mainly to do a presentation on blogging. Not good not to be blogging because I’m talking about blogging.

Anyway, better late than never, I’m catching up by focusing tonight on the blog selected last week, the Me, Myself and I blog of Nigerian member of the group, Olumide Alabi, whose friends, he tells us, call him Luminus or Luminus da Don.

He covers a range of topics and his posts range from impassioned commentary on Nigerian societal and political issues to technology news to the re-telling of jokes.

But I must say the first thing I had noticed was the listing of various jobs. Then in reading through some of the posts on the site I discovered that this was by way of a contribution by Luminus to his society, letting people know about jobs that are available. This effort has caused him some inconvenience and in his I’m Not Hiring post he pleads for mercy from the people who, mistakenly thinking he is the one who is hiring, are sending him their CVs.

I was intrigued enough by Luminus’ blog to go googling, technoratiing (or whatever the appropriate verb form is) and otherwise searching for Nigerian blogs. I found quite a few links to blog posts about Nigeria, but was not able to get a picture of whether there are many or few blogs which, like Me, Myself & I deal with business and technology issues from the viewpoint of a Nigerian in Nigeria. I suspect it’s relatively or absolutely few.

Looking more widely, the exercise made me aware that I know nothing of what is happening – or isn’t – with business-related blogging in Africa generally or in specific countries in Africa. 

The exercise has also reminded me that we have a very diverse bunch of people, from a wide range of countries and cultures, on LinkedIn Bloggers – and long may it be so.

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