I’m speaking about blogging next week in Sydney, Wednesday March 15,  at the Australian Marketing Institute event Blogging, Podcasting and ‘Citizen Media’ – subtitled ‘How to successfully leverage emerging media technologies in your marketing’.

The more I think about blogging in a business context and especially in relation to marketing, the more I believe the key idea to communicate is that of the ‘conversation of the blogosphere’. While I experience that conversation on a daily basis, I do find it a challenge to explain it. Sometimes I feel the people I’m talking to are wondering (again?) whether I’ve really lost it. ‘Conversation of the blogosphere?’

So I was pleased to find a neat explanation by marketing expert and blogging coach John Jantsch, in his McLuhan-referencing post The Medium is the Message:

Blogs were not created to be the next great marketing tool but, over time, people realized that they liked what they could do with blogs and as more and more people used them and built tools to extend the way they were used, the character of the message that businesses were sending changed forever.


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