Media Release:
Gold Coast, Australia
February 25, 2006

When business coach Des Walsh is not enjoying the great surf five minutes from where he lives on Australia’s Gold Coast, he is likely to be either coaching one of his clients by phone or else blogging – for fun and profit.

And now he’s written a book about business blogging. 7 Step Business Blog, a downloadable e-book, is a practical guide for business owners.

Des is one of a growing band of bloggers around the world who are turning what used to be a little-known online preserve of tech-heads and love-struck teenagers into a powerful business tool, increasingly employed as a normal part of business by a range of companies, from Fortune 500 corporations to home based, solo professional startups.

A sporadic blogger for a couple of years, Des decided late in 2004 to finally “get serious” about business blogging as part of his marketing strategy. Within six months, his Thinking Home Business blogsite had gone from having about twenty visitors a day to over a thousand, with visitors reading, on average, two articles each. The recognition that has come with those numbers has produced tangible benefits, including a book-writing contract and invitations to speak at seminars and conferences.

His investment for this, i.e. his blog hosting fee, has been a few cents less than the cost of one Starbucks tall latté a week.

The 7 Step Business Blog book came about because as Des shared his business blogging experience with other business owners, locally and internationally, he discovered a lot of interest in blogging and also a lot of frustration.

“I found that many business people around the globe are interested in the business development possibilities of blogging. They’ve heard that it is low cost and technically accessible, but don’t know where to start, or even where to get answers to their questions,” Des said.

“They usually don’t want a technical discussion about blogs. They want to know such things as:

  • how a blog could help their business
  • how a blog is actually set up
  • what resources are involved
  • what they would have to do to make it work.

“That’s how I got to write my book, to explain, in plain English so that it would be crystal clear to even the most non-technical person, what the fuss is all about and how to actually set up a blog and make it an effective tool of any business.”

“And to help really get rid of the roadblocks, I’ve arranged that everyone who buys the book will be given access to a series of interactive teleconferences on business blogging, at no extra charge,” Des said. “They will also have access to an exclusive, password-protected blogsite where they can find other resources and leave questions, which I will answer,” he said.

Here’s what Chicago based, award-winning business blogger Andy Wibbels, author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging, says in his Foreword to 7 Step Business Blog:

“What Des has done is fantastic. He’s boiled down the current landscape of blogs and its impact on business to an easy-to-read digest of ideas and best practices. He provides not just the theory but the procedures to get it all done.”

From Dallas, Texas, executive headhunter Bill Vick, Principal of Vick & Associates, Inc., and co-author of Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting said,

“Des Walsh has cut through the fog of confusion about blogging and written a book the average business person can understand. His light and lively writing style make this a book you can comfortably read in one sitting but you’ll find yourself coming back to it again and again for the depth of content. He is a truly ‘black belt’ blogger and his enthusiasm is contagious!”

Get more information now and see how this book – and some very practical bonuses – can help your business, at

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