It’s amusing in a way, that what is probably the most common explanation of the acronym and online publishing phenomenon ‘RSS’ is Really Simple Syndication.

Simple? Really? Not – in my experience – and certainly not when you attempt to explain it to anyone who is not a techie or isn’t actually using RSS.

I actually thought I understood enough about RSS to get on with, until I came to the section in my forthcoming book, 7 Step Business Blog. Then I realised that what I had thought was, if not ‘really simple’ then fairly straightforward, was not so easy to explain in plain English. There was more than one re-write before I felt comfortable enough with my explanation to move on from that section.

Which is probably why I was receptive to clicking through today from a post by Dana VanDen Heuvel on Business Blog Consulting, to the whitepaper on RSS and marketing, just released by  the blogging and communications company Marqui and available for download at the Marqui site:

Really Simple Syndication (RSS): it sounds so…simple. Yet for most marketers, RSS is a source of major confusion. But with businessess such as the Wall Street Journal, Purina and Continental Airlines using RSS to communicate information to key audiences in a new way, perhaps it’s time you took a look at what it can do for your organization.

The whitepaper did not disappoint and I will be recommending it to people wanting to get a handle quickly on what RSS is and why anyone in business should care. The only thing I found a bit frustrating was that, although the whitepaper is for the most part very clear and understandable, I found it a bit waffly on just how you get existing, or new, non-blog web pages ‘RSS-ified’. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for a simple, easily implementable, explanation of this, so far without success. A topic for a follow up paper, perhaps?

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