Blogging colleagues Jim Turner, Tris Hussey and others at One by One Media  have come up with a

great new twist for the blogging seminar circuit. They are going seminaring and

simultaneously cruising in the Caribbean.

You can read all about it at

the special Blogonomics website they

have set up.

The opening paragraph was enough to get me wondering how

much it would cost to get from the Gold Coast, Australia, to Florida:

One by One

Media invites you to join us for the premiere business blogging

conference by bringing together thought leaders and some of the brightest minds

in the blogosphere to discuss the impact of business blogs on communications,

marketing, PR and advertising while cruising the Caribbean.

I have

to say that one thing that puts me off about some seminars on blogging and

related topics is when I discover that some of the ‘experts’ being bowled up to

speak are theorists and not actually blogging at all or regularly. No fear of

that with the Blogonomics event (is a cruise an event or a series of events?).

Because as well as offering the attractions of luxury cruisin’ with your

learnin’, at this seaborne seminar you get to hear and mix with some seriously

knowledgeable, highly experienced, blogging bloggers.

You can read about

each of the presenters by going here and clicking on each name in turn (don’t be

put off by the request for a password on the general Presenters link – it’s temporary and you can still see the details of the currently confirmed presenters by clicking on the individual names there).

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