March is starting to look like a busy time for me, with, among other things, three speaking gigs in Sydney. And I have to admit that while I love working here by the seaside, in this slower paced town, it’s good to visit Sydney from time to time. The first event is a seminar put on by my friend Noric Dilanchian.
Some time in the mid 1990s I attended a meeting of the Australasian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association, which to avoid jaw strain most people referred to by its acronym AIMIA (and I notice the “Australasian” – to include New Zealand – has now been replaced by the less inclusive “Australian”). There I met a Sydney lawyer, Noric Dilanchian, who was very involved in working with a range of creative individuals and companies wanting to establish themselves in this new industry.

Subsequently, Noric became President of AIMIA and worked very intensively to build the organisation – essentially a bootstrap operation in an industry with only a small handful of anything like big players with deep pockets and a lot of small operators and individual creative people.

Ten years or more on, Noric, now with his own Dilanchian Lawyers and Consultants practice in Sydney,  is a mine of information on big issues like knowledge management and always great to have conversations with about technology and what it means for business.

So I was delighted when Noric invited me to be a speaker at one of his business luncheon seminars, in Sydney, on the topic Smart use of the Web as your business platform on Friday March 3, 2006, at the Avillion hotel in Sydney’s Pitt St.

Also speaking is Richard Walsh, no relation, a living legend in the publishing world. From the heady days of Oz magazine in the 60s to his involvement now in new media, Richard knows that of which he speaks. I’ve never met him so am looking forward to doing so and hearing him at first hand.

IT Consultant and Technician for small and medium sized businesses, Dreamware CEO, Owen James, and Noric himself, are the other speakers.

From previously attending one of Noric’s business luncheons as a listener, I know that the event will be well organised, informative, fun, and good for networking.

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