I get on well with dentists these days. ‘Twas not ever thus, as a small boy I had less than satisfactory experiences in the chair. And I know my performances would not have made it any easier for the dentist either.

But for all that I’ve been on good terms with dentists for years now and have appreciated their skill and efforts on my behalf, I’ve still had a lot of questions in the teeth and gums department over the years and it’s not easy to ask the dentist while you have your mouth wide open and he or she is working on your teeth.

So I was very pleased to find today the very neat, very informative NobleHealth Community Blog, which is part of the web presence of the NobleHealth dental plan which provides benefits for customers of a group of dentists in the city of Brisbane, about an hour’s drive from where I live. (Ed – Feb 10, 2006: NobleHealth is now NobleDentist and the blog is now called NobleDentist Community Blog)

As an aside, I found the blog by a circuitous route, via a comment left on this blog by one Dion Kramer. Unfortunately, one of the limitations, as I see it, of the Blogware application which powers this blog is that I don’t get a link to commenters’ blogs or websites unless they actually provide such details in their Blogware Reader account, when initially signing in, or later. So I googled the name Dion Kramer and thus found the Brisbane based blog quite easily.

Anyway, I don’t know if there are other dental plans or dental practices that have blogs, but what a great way to enable existing or potential customers to do at least the three following things very easily, in their own time, without choking on a drill by asking at an inopportune time and without running up your bill unduly by taking up the dentist’s time after she or he has finished drilling and filling:

  • get information about a range of issues from how to deal with bad breath (one’s own rather than someone else’s!) to teeth whitening to how to improve your smile
  • find out in advance the range of costs, and available discounts, for various treatments and services
  • get more information or even answer back (!) via the commenting facility (I usually get intimidated by the dentist’s superior knowledge of all things to do with oral health and don’t really pursue things I want to ask about, on the spot)

It’s also an excellent example of how to marry a blog with a ‘regular’ website.

Hmmm – might even pluck up courage and make a dental appointment!

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