From memory, the WordPress website used to have the motto ‘code is poetry’, although I can’t see it there now.

I don’t know enough about coding to pretend to understand how apt or otherwise the motto is or was, but I was quite fascinated today to browse through the blog of fellow LinkedIn Blogger, Danny Lagrouw.

Danny’s Blog is subtitled ‘Pondering Programming and Poetry’. It also shares experiences of travel and food. A rich mix.

I zipped past the programming posts – double Dutch to me (sorry about that Danny, couldn’t resist).

The post On Cheese: A Story of Love or Hate will delight the reader who likes smelly, runny cheeses and confirm the prejudices of those who like their cheese, if at all, firm and olfactorily unassuming.

On travel+food, if you are planning to visit Slovenia, or not, you won’t help but be entertained by Danny’s story of not eating horsemeat but eating and drinking lots of other nice things. In fact, Ljubljana sounds pretty cool – just don’t ask me to say it!

Couldn’t find a ‘Poetry’ category, but there is poetry in Danny’s writing (and pictures) and no doubt in his programming.

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