Whatever my opinions on various international, national and local political issues, my view has been that this is a business blog and if I want to get into political discussion I have other blogs. But I can’t ignore the shameful events of recent days in Sydney, the city of my birth, with riotous clashes between Lebanese-Australian Muslim youths and people who look like me, Anglo-Celtic Australian youths. So I’m willing to make an exception to my rule.

Today’s story, of Christian churches being targeted with fire and rocks, one with a Tongan congregation and the other with a Chinese congregation, shows that there are terrible ironies emerging.

And I feel for the decent, hard-working citizens among the Muslim community who must be appalled at what is happening.

Of course, if supporting a call for understanding, mutual respect and peace loses me readers or business, I will be as pleased as Punch.

Today my friend Bhupen Thakkar sent me an invitation to the One Village, One People gathering next Sunday Dec 17th in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens. Can’t be there myself physically, but I will be in spirit.

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