Been meaning to follow up more quickly on Duncan Riley’s clarion call for people to help put together an Australian business blogging conference. I talked/emailed with a few people about this a few months ago and found that, as the comments on Duncan’s post indicate, there are various points of view about what an Australian business blogging conference might look like.

Duncan feels he’s getting old waiting for such a conference to happen.

Duncan would like the conference in Western Australia but knows that’s not likely to draw huge numbers. Although I’m Sydney-born and now living in Tweed Heads and virtually on the Gold Coast – like, using Queensland time because, you know, it’s easier? – I am very relaxed and comfortable about the idea of having the conference in marvellous Melbourne – definitely better nosh than the Coolangatta pub. So what does the Melbourne mob think?

Darren Rowse is of course in Melbourne and he would like a broadly based blogging conference as in this post: interesting comments there too.

The subject of sponsorship has come up. My limited experience of seeking sponsorship is that sponsors really want to know these days that there is a clear focus and a business case for their involvement.

And then there’s podcasting – Cameron?


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