It’s more lack of being super organized than any blogger’s block that I have not posted much here in the last week or so. My excuse is that I’m deeply immersed in the co-authoring of a new book on the online social networking phenomenon, Linkedin. The book is primarily for people in the recruiting industry.

It would not come as a surprise to anyone that, with over 4 million members – and growing – Linkedin has a goodly share of members from the recruiting industry, and of course plenty of people who are happy to be found by the recruiters when they are looking for people to fill various interesting and well paid positions.

Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur, executive recruiter and serial blogger Bill Vick has been interviewing a slew of high achieving people in the recruiting industry, across North America and internationally, who are at various stages of using Linkedin, getting their insider tips on how to get maximum leverage from a Linkedin membership. Drawing on those interviews Bill and I are co-authoring Happy About Linkedin for Recruiting.

Listening to all the interviews has been quite fascinating, not just in terms of what the interviews reveal about the recruitment process but for what I’ve learnt or been reminded of about business networking and what a useful tool Linkedin is for anyone who wants to either give more attention to their existing network or expand that network, or both.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is to make sure my Linkedin profile is up to date, an easy enough process once you get the hang of the editing setup.

People who buy the book will have access to all the recorded interviews – over thirty of them already and Bill is still going. 

The Happy About series of books is produced by entrepreneur and publisher Mitchell Levy.

A propos the ongoing discussion here in the past week or so about Skype, I have to say that with Bill Vick in Dallas, Mitchell Levy in San Jos

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