Here is a question I would like to pose to Des’s blog visitors….

What is the blogging tool that is best in your opinion?  I am

familiar with a couple of the bigger branded products that are out

there… but what is the favored tool for people who are in the home or

small business environment? And why? Is ease of use the important thing

or is the ability to customise the layout, or is there some other

aspect of the tool that you use that makes it special… Oh and also,

are you aware of where the development work has been done for the tool

that you use?

The reason for the questions is that I have been telling one of my friends who has a start up company – It is called Converged and

he has finally broken down and agreed to start a blog – hallelulya! So

I want to ensure that he gets the best info… So I figure, why not ask

visitors to Thinking Home Business!

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