I’d be surprised to find a blogger who doesn’t like the idea of someone finding their site via a link in a comment on another blog. and I’m happy for bloggers to leave a link to their site, as long as the comment is a real comment, on topic, and not one of those stupid spamming comments (which I will continue to delete instantly and on the basis of my own judgement of what constitutes spam).

Now some bloggers may assume that all blog platforms link the commenter’s name to the commenter’s blog and some time ago thare was a lengthy discussion on Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger site about people leaving signatures/urls in their comments.That was seen by several people as  being some kind of breach of blogiquette.

Problem is, as I have just commented on ProBlogger, with Blogware, the blogging platform that underpins this blog, via reseller BlogHarbor, the commenter’s name is not linked to the comment’s blog url, but is linked to the profile the commenter filled out – or didn’t! – when he or she signed up for a Reader account (or even as a blog owner) with Blogware. So unless the commenter has put his or her blog or website url in the profile, the reader won’t be able to click through to read what else he or she has to say.

This has been raised on the BlogHarbor community forum, and the setup may be reviewed at some time.

In the meantime, if you are commenting, please fill out your profile with at least a url – if not, then please feel free to leave a url at the end of your comment (not multi-line sigs!).



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