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On being "A Consultant" - Thinking Home Business

To be a consultant a few years ago; and as well; work from home, was considered “being unemployed”. And perhaps for a few consultants it was. That’s changed.

It’s the technology that’s made ‘solo’ the same as ‘big’. Powerful PCs, big screens,(for everything) cable TV, laptop, blackberrys, DSL, wireless, PDA, cellphones, Skype, IM, fax, videophone, Kinko’s! have all been part of the building blocks. They enable replication of the office environment at a fraction of the cost. They untether work from a location. They connect the outside world effortlessly. They put energy into home. And life into ‘Consultant”

I look at our operation at Perceptric. It’s only possible because of  widely available tools that give us a multinational presence and allow easy collaboration. But that wide ranging connectivity is happening more and more. Both for companies and individuals.

Global business requires global response. A guy sitting in Australia or England  can connect to someone in the US, India or China and be part of the action. Incredible. Wonderful.

Sure, it requires imagination, determination and something particular. The common questions? What’s unique? What’s your value add?  Plus.  Why will clients buy a service? 

Many companies have become basically consultant managers. To get hired you need a defining idea. Something different. Or better. Or extra. Or cheaper. When we set up, we went back and forth with concepts. Our final label? Strategic and Influence Marketing. And you always need to know what the culture is of the potential client business.

The great thing now is that so many people have disappeared from corporate life to consult; CEO types, upper management, as well as HR, IR, PR and creatives: Consultant, home based; are no longer epithets, but simply  acknowledgments of a way of working, and a place of work.

Cool. Important. And the way the world works today, and into the future.

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