One thing about working from home is that you can get to the stage where a lot of your knowledge inputs are coming from text, online or in paper format and you are not hearing as much chat as you might have done in a traditional workplace. And as new words and technical terms come along it’s possible to get a bit behind the game. There is a possible risk, in business communication with people more up to date and attuned, of sounding out of the loop.

I feel pretty comfortable about how to pronounce most English words, even the newer ones. Technical terms and acronyms are another story.

For example, while I don’t have any need to say “SQL” or “MySQL” every day or even on a regular basis, for a while now I’ve been conscious of the fact that there was probably a way of pronouncing these that technical types would recognise as being appropriate. Should it be “see-quell” or separated out into “S-Q-L”, and “My see-quell” or “My S-Q-L”?

And then there’s GUI. Should it be “G-U-I” or “gooey”? I’ve heard both and while “gooey” sounds to me, well, odd, there’s a certain logic about it.

By happenstance, today I found what looked to me like an authoritative and sensible commentary by Glenn Gutmacher, on his Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques blog.

Confused no more. Thanks Glenn.