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On The Road - Thinking Home Business

Well, since you invited me, Des….

I am currently at the Crowne Plaza at LAX – due to catch the early (7am)  flight to NYC and onward to Helsinki….

The one thing that I can share with you is that when I sit here at the

desk at the hotel there is a small chart of countries you can call and

the resepctive toll charges (with the customary massive added margin

that hotels like to charge). For instance to call Australia – where I

live costs US$31.85 for a 3 minute call. On the other hand to log on to

broadband costs US$9.95 for a day.

Earlier this evening I spent about 40 minutes on the phone to my wife

on skype….. and spent nothing more than what I spent on the

broadband…. It’s no wonder that Skype is changing the face of


And by the way the whole issue of media, communications, technology are what Richard and I blog on at www.perceptric.com

And now to bed so I can catch some zzz’s before that flight!

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