Googling ‘home business’ shows there’s no shortage of information on the topic (try 2.4 billion searches).

How much of that information is useful for the man or woman who has a home based business, or is contemplating establishing one, is another question.

Extrapolating from my own experience and interests, and from conversations I have with various people about working from home, I have a hunch that a lot of us would like to know more about how we can amplify our business capacity with accessible, not outrageously expensive technology. Not to mention the value of being up to date with what our clients are looking at, and the technology implications of their business plans and decisions. But I for one am not about to enrol in a new university course to find out, or read forty books a year on the subject. And the search engines don’t make it that much easier to find out what’s really happening and what’s just chaff in the wind.

Chris GilbeySo I was very pleased to find in my email inbox this morning a reply from my friend Chris Gilbey, accepting my invitation to join his Perceptric co-founder colleague, Richard McKinnon, as a guest blogger here.

Like Richard, Chris posts frequently, informatively and thought-provokingly on the Perceptric Forum. He has an amazing knowledge of things digital and technology convergence, as well as a keen understanding of where things are headed, including in in the tiger economy countries of Asia, where he spends a fair bit of his time with leading companies in the technology space.


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