I sometimes wonder if anyone has a simple set of rules for working out which blogs to include in your blogroll, or list of favourite blogs.

I have a couple of working principles to guide me in this:

a) if I find another blog is linked to mine and the theme and content are not incompatible with mine, I like to reciprocate the link – some of the links I have now came about that way;

b) I will link to blogs of colleagues or blogs whose content I feel complements what I’m interested in and write about – sometimes when I do that and email the owner of the other blog, he or she will reciprocate, but I choose not to ask for that, as I’m not interested in pressuring anyone to do so.

There is no question in my mind that there are a lot more blogs I can link to quite happily, once I get around to checking them out.

Some people have very restrictive blogrolls, so I figure that until I have about 100,000 visitors a day they are not going to be interested in linking to me, so I don’t ask :). Some don’t seem to have a blogroll or favourites list, so I tend not to link to them in a blogroll, as there is no evident prospect of a reciprocal arrangement down the track.

Today, by entering ‘Thinking Home Business’ in Technorati, I found a nice blog, Soho Cascade, linked to mine. It’s by someone with an emerging web design business and has some interesting and entertaining posts. So I’m reciprocating, although I can’t find an email address to let the author know and actually can’t figure out who the author is.

I’ve also found the Aussie WordPress Blog, which also has a link to here, so I’m reciprocating that.

I like to keep my linking in this fairly relaxed mode. One advantage of not making things too formal is that it is totally painless to remove a link if I don’t like the way the other blog is developing or if they stop linking to me

One resolution from this little exercise is to check more often on Technorati to see who is linking. I’ll even think about putting one of their links on the site, unless someone tells me that’s a bad idea.

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