Nice to see that Mark Jones, IT Editor at the Australian Financial Review, is finding time to post to his Filtered blog. Interesting post a few days ago about the increase in coverage of blogs, podcasting and various Web 2.0 stories by the New York Times and other newspapers. Mark sees this as a version of what he calls the ‘TV Week Strategy’, where newspapers went from being worried about the advent of television and its impact on their revenue to realising they could make money out of TV guides, TV features, stories about TV ratings and so on.

And no, it’s not a bad idea at all. It’s a virtuous circle. Blogs need mainstream exposure, and newspapers serve a valuable role charting new trends & technology movements in a concise fashion.

From the point of view of someone keen to alert business owners to the potential of blogging to help them grow their businesses, I’m delighted to see this sort of coverage. It extends the meme beyond the blogosphere. Even if some of the stories are, (inevitably) simplistic, highly sceptical or just plain wrong-headed, the fact that these stories are in the print media means that what I talk about when I’m doing my ‘why a blog could be great for our business’ routine does not have to sound too esoteric.  

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