Many thanks to Canadian blogger Harold Jarche of Jarche Consulting for a couple of suggestions about small business blogs, as invited by me a few days ago.

From Lincoln in beautiful New Hampshire (I visited Canaan NH a couple of years ago and it was magic!) comes the elegant, entertaining and informative Signs Never Sleep, the official weblog of the Lincoln Sign Company.

I really enjoyed this blog. It has great pictures of signs they’ve done for customers, from signage on trucks, to shop signs to labels. There are ‘daily life in a small business’ posts, one about computer problems and one giving a ‘review from the coalface’ of the database product ACT!

One of the many things I like about this blog is that the services of the company are promoted up front in the blog posts, but the promotion is in the context of posts which are informative and/or entertaining in their own right, so I got no sense of being ‘sold at’.

Check this post today for entertainment – and for business content, because in the process of entertaining, the post also tells you about how these people work in a way that makes me for one go ‘Hmmm, these would be good people to entrust with a sign.’ Neat.

The About link on the  blog tells us that ‘J.D. & Vicki Iles recently took over the business in May of 2004, and have been having fun ever since!’  It shows, J.D. and Vicki

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