I was explaining to someone today that just registering for a WordPress.com blog would not guarantee you got one quickly. As posted previously, I had experienced a long wait and had wondered whether they might be working through the alphabet, in which case I had to wait till they got to the Ws. Fortunately, I was saved from further waiting by an invitation from a fellow blogger, Tris Hussey.

Anyway, I googled on the matter so I could be more sure of my take on the situation. And on WordPress.com founder Matt Mullenweg’s blog I found the following from September 11:

The easiest (and cheapest) way to get a WordPress.com invite is to fill out your email on the front page notify form. We’re going to start randomly selecting people from that list starting today and will be adding a few more almost daily.

So it’s not alphabetical, it’s random.

Unless you have a friend with a spare invite  

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