My hearty thanks to Paul Chaney on Radiant Marketing for his post Business Blogs: Corporate vs SMB


Like Paul, I have a keen interest in Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) or as we call them in Australia SMEs) Small and Medium sized Enterprises). 


And also like Paul I’ve noticed that so much of the information about business blogging refers to issues such as whether the CEO of a large enterprise should blog.


Some of the CEOs I talk to don’t have anyone else who could reasonably take on the blogging role – they are CEOs of micro businesses with one to ten or so employees. They can get quite excited about how blogging could help their business and then get stuck on how they are going to find the time to do it.


It’s all very well to say – and I acknowledge I’ve done this – that with a focused 20-30 minutes a day you could have a very effective blog. For a lot of these people, the idea of having a ‘spare’ 20-30 minutes a day is an idea of luxury. And for those who say it’s all a matter of time management, I would just say you try telling that to these people!


So I’m very keen to find examples of such companies to illustrate what can be achieved by small and medium sized businesses blogging. If you know of one or more and would either leave the link(s) in a comment here or email me at deswalsh (at) gmail (dot) com, I’ll follow it up and see if we can feature some such blogs here.


While bloggers’ blogs about blogging are ok to include, I am really looking more for examples of blogs from other businesses, especially those that have an offline presence as well as an online one. An example is Ann Zuccardy’s Vermont Shortbread Company blog, about which I posted back in August.

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