WordPress launched wordpress.com weeks ago in San Francisco. I was hoping to hear from them, having registered my email with them several moons ago.

Today a friend who has not so far blogged at all gets not one, but *two* offers of wordpress.com blogs. And for me? Zip, nada, nothing.

Is it the curse of those whose surnames are at the tail end of the alphabet? W’s go to the end of the line?

Many years ago, my father Lou Walsh, then a newly elected Member of Parliament, spoke with some feeling in his ‘maiden’ speech, as I recall, about the system in those days of having ballot papers in alphabetical order, which of course favoured those at the top of the alphabet, who garnished what is called in the Australian electoral system, the ‘donkey vote’, i.e. from those electors lazy or dumb enough to number the paper from 1 to whatever, starting at the top – and some do it to protest. This is a by-product or feature of the compulsory voting system we have in this country.

I remember that when I was a boy at school, the Labor Party in my state had a team with three of the four having names starting with A – the fourth, a G, must have had some particular clout or not been expected to be elected.

But whatever the reason for my not getting a WP invite, I really would like to get a wordpress.com blog to play with, soon. I wonder what the secret is?


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