I’m sure there are many others besides me who have been moved by Paul Chaney’s blog posts on the impact of hurricane Katrina, not only in New Orleans but in the southern part of Paul’s home state of Mississippi.

Paul’s posts provide me with more insight and perspective than I get from the television reporters’ ’30 second grab’ commentaries, disturbing and distressing as those commentaries and the accompanying pictures surely are. 

A personal email to me from Paul, which he has kindly agreed I might share in this post, provides a glimpse of how the hurricane and its aftermath are having an impact in the lives of some other Americans we don’t see on the tv set, especially those with family members involved in the relief and rescue effort, such as members of Paul’s own family.

My immediate family is doing ok for now. My folks are in pretty good shape with now two generators working and an RV to live in. Stores are getting back open in their area so they can buy food.

My brother-in-law who works with the local rural electric association…well, my sister hasn’t seen him in days and has no idea where he and his crew are.

They will be tied up for a long time to come as all that area has heavy forestation, most of which are pine trees. There could be thousands of those down.

My brother is working with his Guard unit to supply 28 Mississippi counties with everything needed to provide relief and support the other Guard units working actively in the field. He’ll be down in Hattiesburg, MS for days or weeks I’m sure.

Thanks Paul, for sharing this.

A practical way to support the relief effort would be to make a donation to the American Red Cross.

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