The plight of the people in America affected by hurricane Katrina is truly appalling. Many bloggers are rallying to help with Blog for Relief Day and the least I can do is provide some links here to help in the necessary raising of funds to help in the relief effort.

My suggestion is a donation through the American Red Cross but if you want a choice, Instapundit has an extensive list of organisations you can select from. Terry Teachout’s Arts Journal has updates on the events from bloggers in and around New Orleans  and on the relief effort.

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It seems from the Australian media that all (media) eyes are on New Orleans, but my friend Paul Chaney posts from Mississippi, making us aware that the conditions there are also horrendous and asks for help there.

I begin my posting on Blog for Relief Day with a plea. Folks, this is 9/11 all over again, and worse in terms of the potential death toll. Literally 1000’s could be dead in New Orleans and hundreds more in South Mississippi. This is truly our nation’s tsunami.

Here’s the online donation form for the American Red Cross.


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