This is the second issue of Thinking Home Business Insider, or THB Insider for short. The first issue can be read here.

In this issue, I focus on the idea of creating a Big Dream or Vision for a home based business.

I’m a great believer in the idea that, as people in home based business, we have the opportunity to dream big. And the more humble or limiting the physical and economic circumstances we may currently be experiencing in our business, the more necessary it is to make a conscious decision to create an attractive, exciting, totally engaging vision of where we are headed. We need to ask ourselves, ‘What’s the dream I want to fulfil?’

The alternative is to accept for our own business the prevailing attitude in society towards home based business, that it is necessarily an activity with a narrow scope and limited prospects.

Yes, I’m talking about ‘the vision thing’, which lots of people talk about but very few put into practice. It’s not just something for big corporations to have. It’s something every business needs. So if I want to have a home based business that grows, flourishes, and goes on rewarding me, I need a vision, just as much as any corporation does. I like to use the word ‘dream’ because when we were young most of us probably had big dreams. If we’d said we had big ‘visions’, people might have wondered about us!

But in business these days, people seem to use the word ‘vision’ for what I prefer to call a dream. I’m not going to hold up progress over a word. So let’s stick to ‘vision’ for this exercise.

Now, once we decide to have a vision for what we want to achieve with our business, why not make it a big vision? We may need to exercise our brains and our emotions a bit more, but what if a big vision could turn into a ‘big reality’ for us?!

This is not just about ‘positive thinking’, although for the life of me I’ve never really understood why some people are so down on positive thinking. Maybe some people are so inclined to be pessimistic that they are suspicious of people who are habitually optimistic. Be that as it may, it’s very practical to have a big vision, because that can unlock potential in us that we may have buried or kept in reserve.

In the vision department, I often think of Nelson Mandela, in a prison cell, with a vision, against all the odds and any sort of ‘practical’ thinking, of liberating his people and his country. We know *now* that this was achievable, but back then?

Too often I meet people in home based business who can recite from memory all the reasons why their business can’t grow. I also know people who are putting into effect, on a daily basis, the actions needed to grow their home based business into something much bigger than would appear realistic on a uperficial examination.

One of the best ways I’ve found to develop and sustain a big vision for my business is to find others who are keen to do the same thing and to work with them. Would you be interested in working with some people who also wanted to create and sustain a big vision for their business? People who are up to ‘dreaming big’? To help with that, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you whether you would be interested in participating in a short series of teleclasses on ‘Creating a Big Vision for Your Home Based Business’. No details are available yet (I just thought of it now!), but if you are interested in participating, please let me know by email to [email protected] with ‘the vision thing’ or similar in the subject line. By the way, I don’t expect to charge for this teleclass series, not this time around anyway 🙂 I promise to get back to you to let you know what the response has been and, if there’s a good response, to provide details of how to connect.


Thanks to those who sent me good wishes about the interview on Conversations with Experts.
Much appreciated.

I’m using Skype more. Had a couple of three way calls the other day, one of them with an international link. I notice other companies vying for attention in this free calls via the internet or ‘VoIP’ space, but my reading at the moment is that there’s daylight between Skype and the rest of the field. To download and install Skype, click on this link:

Till next time, all the best


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