Here’s a great initiative for promoting blogging internationally. Dreamt up by Nir Ofir, the concept is to have one day in the year dedicated to having bloggers from different countries and different areas of interest get to know one another. The date is 31 August, or as my American friends would write it, August 31.

That difference in the way we write dates may explain why I’ve only just picked up on this event and the Day is now only a couple of days away – i.e. American bloggers not picking up on it and, if they do, not relating to it. Which probably also says something about the current narrowness of my focus in the blogs I read most! Even with the logo as above, it didn’t hit me until someone spelled it out – 31O8, if you scrunch your eyes up a bit, does kind of look like BlOg!

There is a wiki which explains how the day is developing and what you can do to participate. Basically, each of us participating will on the nominated day post about five new blogs, preferably different from those of our own culture, point of view and attitude. We will probably also have a logo or button on our blogs.

It’s a great idea for those of us interested in business blogging in a global economy.


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