There’s a time-honoured Australian pasttime known as ‘stirring the possum’. This is described by Professor Gerald Wilkes, in the Australian Dictionary of Colloquialisms, as follows: ‘Stirring the possum: to liven things up, create a disturbance; raise issues that others wish left dormant.’

Dave Taylor could probably qualify for a Stirring the Possum award, if there was one, on the strength of his ‘PR is Dead’ remarks at the recent Blog Business Summit in San Francisco.

Having earned a dollar or three in the past doing some PR, I think I can sympathise with some of the public relations people at the conference who were, according to Dave, a bit put out by his remarks. In his latest, extended post on the matter, Dave appears to concede some ground to organisations he sees as higher level practitioners, as it were, but is at the end unrepentant.

After my well-received Business Blogging 101 workshop at the Blog Business Summit in San Francisco last week, my strong exhortation to the audience that PR is Dead was the buzz of the Summit. Even publications like the San Jose Mercury News and InfoWorld were talking about it, even though I’m certainly not the first to propose that the traditional job of public relations has been supplanted by the blogosphere.

You can read the full post here.

Something tells me this one is not going to go away.

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