If you work from home, it’s a good idea – actually a necessity I believe – to program regular get-togethers with other business people. What I have in mind is not so much a ‘networking breakfast’ or even a ‘mastermind group’, both of which have their place but will usually – and properly – be quite focused and even intense. Rather, and in addition, I’m talking about a fun gathering of like-minded, positive people with whom you can share ideas, tips, and contacts. Ideally they will also be ok about encouraging you to celebrate your wins and giving you support when you are being stretched.

I’m fortunate in being part of such a group. We meet for a Sunday breakfast, about once a month, usually at one of the excellent surf club restaurants here on Australia’s Gold Coast. Given the surroundings, the good company and free flowing conversation, ‘breakfast’ can sometimes go on till close to noon!

One of the many benefits of this gathering is that, from time to time, people bring guests and I get to meet more people doing some amazing things. Last month it was a couple of consultants who live here on the Gold Coast, are specialists in managing the control of infectious diseases and seem to spend half their time flying around the world to help out in various places.

Today I had the pleasure of sitting next to a surfing legend, Nancy Emerson, from Malibu, California, via Hawaii and now a resident here on the Gold Coast. I discovered that people come from around the world to learn from Nancy at her Australian School of Surfing. What I found fascinating was that she does a lot more than just show you how to stay on a board, although for me that would be a great achievement!

Her approach is much more holistic and she shared with me that one of her greatest pleasures is in helping people overcome any fear of the water (and of course ‘what lurks beneath’!).

From Nancy’s website and Google I’ve learnt that these are just some of her accomplishments:

Surf Champion, pioneer Woman’s World Tour competitor: Hollywood stuntwoman, film producer, location manager, professional lifeguard, surf teacher, coach, businesswoman.

As well – very good company for intelligent conversation and a privilege to be seated next to on a sunny Gold Coast morning!

Just one of the gifts I had from the conversation with Nancy related to my efforts in the past week – fruitless to date – to come up with a ‘tagline’ for my business. On Nancy’s business card, as a script over this picture of her with her Golden Retriever, Apache, I read: ‘If my dog can surf, so can you!’

That’s hard to top (especially as I don’t have a dog ) but it has inspired me to focus on the challenge!


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