I was very pleased to notice as I fired up my blog admin panel today that BlogHarbor has introduced some new packages.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, I’m more than somewhat of a BlogHarbor fan. But lately I’ve been wondering what will happen if I exceed the discspace and bandwidth allocation I have for this blog. I’m happy to say I’ve already had one upgrade: it cost me an extra few dollars a month, but I can hardly complain about paying a bit extra, about one NYC Starbucks 12oz latte for the month, I figure, for having lots more traffic!

Being ambitious to attract more readers, I’ve been wondering what would happen when I needed another Gig or more to accommodate the increased activity.

Which is why I’m happy to see that BlogHarbor have just released a new range of packages, increasing the previously existing Standard package allocation without a corresponding price increase and adding more packages, up to a whopping 5 Gb of discspace and 40 Gb bandwidth for the Power user. More than enough for an upgrade path as far as I’m concerned.

And having read Dave Taylor’s “Pay Me to Blog About Your Product or Service” post, no, I am not paid by BlogHarbor to rave about their product and service and I do not receive any commission for new signups – not that I think there would necessarily be anything wrong with that .



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