I’ve posted previously on Skype, the online service that enables me to speak with friends and colleagues around the world at no charge other than what we’re already paying for our internet connctions.

I find it quite amazing that as I write now, I can see from the little Skype box on my computer screen that friends and family in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, in Minsk, Belarus and in California USA are all online and may be available for a text chat or a voice conversation.

Others (e.g. my internet service provider) are starting to pitch for my VoIP business, but I have a sense that Skype’s longer term groundwork in building a people network is starting to pay off for them.

In his post An irresistible force, my friend Chris Gilbey writes about Skype and its place in the bigger scheme of things:

Skype have positioned themselves as the cool, edgy, necessary disrupters. They are the “it” company with the tech cred. They are the Google of this moment. The ramifications for cell, fixed and traditional telephony are profound. 


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