Still hanging in for my eBay item. My bid yesterday got trumped quickly enough but the seller obviously has a bunch of these items and is selling them a couple a day – no doubt to keep up the suspense!

I’m learning some interesting things, including the fact that you can put in a maximum bid and the system automatically takes your bidding up in increments until it triggers your maximum bid. If someone else has a higher max bid in already, you will be trumped immediately, as I discovered!

You can also see who has bid and at what price, and you can go and check out the eBay buying history of that person, so it’s much more transparent than, say, most real estate auctions I’ve been to where half the time you wouldn’t know if it was a person standing there who bid or the auctioneer masquerading as a branch of a tree or a bird flying overhead!

Which reminds me of the time I went to the first auction a friend did, of his own house. There was a painful silence as he tried to get the bids going, then a bid from the back of the crowd. ‘Not yet!’ yelled the auctioneer to his wife. It was the only bid of the day.

I may do another bid just before the current item closes, or else go for one of these items over the weekend. eBay provides a watch list system, so I don’t have to actually sit and watch the bidding. I can just check in from time to time to see how it’s going.

No doubt this is all quite obvious to seasoned eBay buyers and sellers: it’s a whole new world to me and I can imagine some people getting quite hooked.

I’ll just take a quick look and then I’ll definitely get back to work!

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