I’ve been a member of Linkedin for a while now, using the service more actively in recent months than I did initially, but I still find it a bit of a challenge to explain how it works and the potential benefits to users.

So it’s a big help to have online forums like My Linkedin Power Forum (‘MLPF’), established by my Hartford, Connecticut based friend Vincent Wright, as a means of getting questions answered and sharing ideas and experiences about leveraging the Linkedin system to best effect. 

It was on MLPF that I learnt tonight about an interview with Konstantin Guericke, one of the top brass at Linkedin, by Dan Muse at SmallBusinessComputing.com – an interview which I found very helpful in understanding how Linkedin works:

LinkedIn Corp., one of the pioneers of social networking applications, reports that it currently has 3.3 million professionals among its members. Membership continues to be free and will always be free, according to Konstantin Guericke, vice president of marketing at LinkedIn. However, the company also recognizes that access to its database is a valuable tool for small businesses that focus on recruiting, financial advice, consulting and research. 

Full article here:
Linkedin Rolls Out Service for Serious Networkers


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