The other day I went to a very enjoyable morning coffee and cake session put on by my friend and Global Networking Specialist, international speaker and author, Robyn Henderson.

The invitation actually said it was to a ‘play lunch’, although it would have been more than a few years since any of the attendees had been having a real play lunch as a school student in a real play ground.

What this was all about was that some time ago Robyn enticed a number of people she knew, including me, into writing a brief memoir of their favourite teacher, for the book, What My Favourite Teacher Taught Me, which is now published and on (hint) Amazon.

I wrote about a man who was a great influence on my life, a Christian Brother officially named Brother Lewis, but known to his students as ‘Gunner’ Lewis (Australian teachers are generally given a nickname by their students – this one was a play on words, after the machine gun of that name). A great sporting coach (that didn’t do me a lot of good!), Gunner Lewis was also an inspiring and entertaining teacher of history, which gave me a lifelong love of the subject, not to mention the example of a man who could combine in a seamless, unaffected way a deep if undemonstrative spirituality with a love of sport and rugged pursuits (e.g. rugby, boxing), the encouragement of intellectual curiosity and a fascination with history.

The book is a wonderful collection of stories – not all about classroom teachers, but nevertheless a loving, entertaining and uplifting tribute to those people, often not known more widely than by their students and fellow teachers, who have such great responsibility for our children and our societies.

Some of the people present the other day had not so far written a memoir for either book one or book two (yes there is a sequel) and I understand those people expect to contribute to the next in the series.

As well as having forgotten more than most people have learnt about social and business networking, Robyn, a born entrepreneur if ever there was one, has now established her Seachange Publishing business, with the wonderful motto, ‘making the impossible, possible’.

Home based? You betcha. Robyn is a great example of how you can work from the comfort of your own home and build not one, but several, successful global businesses.

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