Having spent fifteen years or so as a consultant, I can say (ok, somewhat tongue in cheek) that consultants can be a pretty individualistic, opinionated, sometimes jealous lot. It probably goes with the territory – we are presenting ourselves as, in some ways, gurus, über knowledge workers, specialists in showing businesses how to solve their problems and move forward. So it’s a short step to believing our own publicity!

An amusing sidelight of this is that consultants sometimes pretend to like one another  and talk about ‘collaborating’ in the hope of picking up some extra work. Or they offer their consulting services to other consultants – maybe that seems easier than the prospect of cold calling. Which reminds me of the gag a consultant friend of mine shared:

‘Did you hear about the Consultants Christmas Party?’
‘They gave one another business cards.’
Boom boom!

I have to say I much prefer a more genuinely collaborative approach. I like the idea of working together to ‘grow the pie’ rather than competing to share the existing pie.

That’s been one of the many good things I’ve experienced about coaching. Since I started coaching a couple of years ago I have found a lot of very collaborative and sharing coaches.

And I like to work from the assumption that the blogosphere, and by extension the blogging consulting arena, is more disposed to sharing than is common in the broader world of business and business consulting.

My premise here is that the default mode of business blogging consultants is sharing and Fight Club Rules do *not* apply: so far this has proved to be the norm.

So it’s very cool to have this assumption/premise reinforced, validated, etc, by being invited to join with a bunch of outstanding bloggers and blogging experts, people in whose company I am delighted and honoured to find myself, to contribute severally and jointly to the continuation of Rick E. Bruner’s benchmarking Business Blog Consulting blog.

And yes, taking a deep breath and diving in, I have accepted.

Check it out – some great posts already! I welcome suggestions (i.e. leave comments please) about topics on which I might usefully post in this arena.

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