When personal digital assistants (PDAs) and small mobile (cell) phones were reasonably new – loooong ago in the nineties – I used to walk around with one of each on a pouch on each hip.

After a while, and a few comments by friends, I started to feel more like Wyatt Earp than a businessman, so I gave up that practice. Yes, I was now more likely to lose or drop one or both devices, but I felt better.

But however you transport these devices, there is no doubt they have changed our lives immeasurably. For the better? Some would disagree but I believe that on balance the answer is yes – except of course in the most profound moment in a movie or at a concert of classical music or a lecture, when a phone goes off – and, worse, it’s yours!

But back to PDAs, there is no doubt that, especially for those of us who are solopreneurs, a PDA can make a big difference in terms of efficiency and productivity – if you use it well.

That’s where my colleague Rick Cooper, the PDA Pro, comes in. I’ve actually only just discovered his excellent blog which is called, yes, Rick Cooper, The PDA Pro and has lots of great tips to help you make your PDA work for you.

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