This is about some information I found today on creating and tweaking audio files.

Like many other home based business owners, I usually have to be my own tech support. That’s ok, except I’m not a technical kind of guy.

Whenever I get stuck with some technical problem with computers, the web, blogging, podcasting etc, I work from the assumption that somewhere on the web there will be an explanation which is expressed in sufficiently non-technical language for me to sort out the problem. And I like to find solutions that do not include laying out real money.

I am rewarded regularly with practical solutions for previously intractable problems and at no dollar cost (there is of course usually a time cost).

My big find today was that, after spending a lot of time using the free-to-download Audacity program to record a promo message 5 minutes long for a friend and then learning how to save it as an MP3 file (technically ‘export as MP3’) , I discovered the file was over 5 Mb. I knew the file it was to replace was under 1Mb and as this was to be just a recording of me speaking and mono would be fine, I figured there was something I could do to reduce the file size. 

But how?

An online search took me to Jason Salas’ Weblog and specifically to his post Optimizing MP3 Exporting in Audacity. Using one tip in that post – changing the File Format Bit Rate default from 128K to 64k – reduced the file size to just over 2Mb, which was fine for my purposes.

On Jason’s blog I also found an item of considerable interest in relation to my intention to record and podcast some interviews using Skype. This sort of info will be very helpful when I get into podcasting more seriously than I’ve done so far (ok, I’ve only done one, but I have plans!)

As well as being a helpful sharer of info, blogger Jason turns out to have a pretty interesting, multi-tasking role as software development lead, news anchor and sports producer at Guam’s largest TV station.

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